About the Blog

The intent of this blog is to document my semester abroad, both my academic and my personal excursions.  I will be posting about the world of Ancient Rome as I study it, and about modern Rome as I live in it, hence my title ab antiquo ad novum, or from the ancient to the new.  Rome is often called the Eternal City, and I will be documenting that through my posts on the different sites and history of the city.

While abroad I will be taking courses in Italian, Ancient Roman Civilization, and Renaissance Art.  I expect to have posts referencing the sites and art that I am studying in both of my courses other than Italian, as well as on the research that I plan on doing for my thesis while I am abroad.  This will be a thorough documentation of my academic exploits as well as modern fun.

I am extremely excited about spending time enjoying modern Rome as well.  I will be staying in a student apartment in the Trastevere region of Rome and am eager to explore this and other parts of the city.  I also love Italian wines and am eager to try all there is to offer.

While I am abroad I am, as any student, worried about costs and limitations on travel and so I am posting here a link to the GoFundMe account that I’ve had active.  If you are enjoying reading about my trip and would like to help me see and do more while abroad then please contribute there.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading about my time in Rome!


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