The Angels of Rome!

All throughout the city of Rome there are statues, and I’ve taken to noticing and taking photos of my favorite winged statues.  The first one below is from the top of one of the court buildings in Rome.  This winged figure on a chariot with 4 horses is very common in Rome, and you’ll see another one from the Ara Coelis later, and probably dates back to the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus that was on the Capitoline in ancient times.  While there is no statue recovered from the temple, it is well documented that a statue similar to the one below is what was on the roof of the temple.


Here is the image I mentioned above of the Ara Coelis. This large monument has two identical sculptures on its top, and can be seen from all around the city.


Here is another angel figure from the Ara Coelis, likely a representation of Winged Nike or Winged Victory.


The next several are some of my favorites.  I took these pictures at the non-catholic cemetery of Rome in Testaccio. The mourning angels are my favorites of all, they just have so much emotion to them and are very compelling.

SAM_0824 SAM_0826 SAM_0848 SAM_0849 SAM_0855 SAM_0864

This is a relief sculpture on the Arch of Constantine with a winged figure, possibly a guide or muse, or another figure of Victory.


This is a section of a painting in a church in Rome.  It was a church that is inside what used to be an ancient temple in the forum.


The relief below is from the Capitoline museum, and it could be a roman use of the Etruscan winged underworld guide Vanth.


I saw this guy in the Palazzo Massimo museum and I wanted to photograph him because of his cut off wings.  It’s sad in a way to see the statue disfigured in this way…and the missing head, but maybe I’m more used to seeing headless statues.

SAM_1674 SAM_1675

This beautiful little angel is in the entrance of the Basilica that has been built inside the ancient Baths of Diocletian.


The fresco below isn’t actually in Rome, it’s from Pompeii in the recently restored Villa of the Mysteries. But it’s beautiful, so I decided to include it.


All of the rest of the images are from Castel Sant’Angelo.  The first one is a marble statue with bronze wings.  I found the different materials interesting.

SAM_3709 SAM_3710

These next two pictures are of the statue at the top of the Castel.  It’s a beautiful statue in bronze.  The bronze allows it to have more movement to the form without needing to worry about the supports that would be necessary with marble.

SAM_3732 SAM_3744

And finally here is a sketch from the museum inside of the angel. I like this because you can see the details, especially in the face, that you can’t see on the statue from a distance.


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