One of the day trips out of the city that I took was to Orvieto!  Orvieto is a small hilltop town in Tuscany, it dates back as far as Etruscan times!  The first thing we saw there was the remains of an old Etruscan temple, the base is all that survives. After that we walked around the city trying to find somewhere to get some lunch, we had arrived around 2pm, and I’ve found that outside of Rome the other cities tend to take Siesta much more seriously and you’re likely to find the whole city closed up for 2-3 hours.  Luckily we found a nice restaurant where we got some delicious pizza!


After lunch we went in search of the Duomo of Orvieto.  We finally found it in a beautiful, but freezing, square.  The outside of the Duomo itself is absolutely beautiful! Below I have an overall shot of the church as well as a close up of some mosaic work and relief sculpture.

SAM_1853 SAM_1856 SAM_1858

Inside the church are pillar columns and old frescoes, in various degrees of state.

SAM_1859 SAM_1861

The painting in the nave is the best kept fresco in the main area of the church, and there was a gigantic organ.

SAM_1862 SAM_1864

Below is one of my favorite pictures from the church because I really like he statue of Christ in front of the fresco with the same position.


To one side of the nave there was a beautifully decorated little chapel.  The ceiling and walls were covered in beautifully colorful frescos that are in perfect repair.

SAM_1868 SAM_1871 SAM_1877

This is a large reliquary? that was in the church that was very large and well sculpted.  Then there is a picture of the side view of the exterior of the church, the whole thing is made of this zebra striping of black and white stone.   It was done because both types of stone were difficult to get and so having it designed like this showed that it was an expensively built church.

SAM_1885 SAM_1886

And then we found cats!  The cats of Italy just seem to flock to me!  I have never found so many sweet cats!  The little one below we named Scruffy.


I didn’t name this guy, but he was a sweetie.


Eventually the masses of the cats bombarded us all, the many cats all wanting attention.


After seeing the cats we went down into the underground city of Orvieto, which I don’t have any pictures of, but should not be missed on a trip to Orvieto. While waiting for a bus down the mountain we found this park inside an old fortress and we got some amazing pictures of the view.  I also really like the picture below because I am seriously jealous of that backyard.

SAM_1913 SAM_1917  SAM_1939 SAM_1942 SAM_1956

Orvieto is an amazing city, and it was a great day!  Even if we did resemble human popsicles by the end.

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