An Evening of Clay and Cooking!


I got a recipe for Bruschetta from my italian professor and so I made my own homemade bruschetta!

This week in Italian class I was given the assignment to create a recipe, cook it, and write it in Italian.  Since I usually cook without a recipe I just decided to do as I usually do and document with pictures as I go.  So here is an evening of my cooking. 🙂


Here are all of the ingredients that I gathered for my cooking(minus the pasta).  The pouring and drinking of the wine is always a part of my cooking process.


I cut all the veggies and put them in the pan, then I cut up some fresh garlic as well, because I LOVE garlic, and nothing is better than fresh garlic.


Unless you’re talking about fresh basil.  Fresh basil is amazing.  I’ve been impatiently waiting for it to be warm enough for me to buy fresh basil and finally yesterday they had some at the store! YAY! I now have a basil plant in my kitchen!


Salt, pepper, and olive oil with the veggies and then fry them for a bit.  Later adding sauce to the pan(I always get Passato Pomodoro, which is just tomato paste with no additives or seasonings so that I am tasting only what I put in and I know if I’ve done a good job of mixing the spices myself).


Drink more wine.  🙂


Start the water boiling for the pasta with salt.


Once the water is boiling add the pasta.  I also usually add some wine to my cooking.  I like the way it turns out, so give it a shot.  But if you use red wine early on with veggies you will sometimes end up with purple veggies.


Once I drain the pasta I put the sauce and pasta together and mix it for a bit still on the stove so that the sauce will cling to the noodles.  This also works really well if you strain the pasta a bit before it is completely done, or as the italians call it “al dente”.


Here we are enjoying a fabulous homecooked meal in Rome! Now for the After dinner activities! We bought some clay at a store nearby and decided to try to make some she-wolves!  Note there is no she-wolf done by me, I gave up and just played with the clay for a bit, not really creating anything.  I’m just not very artistically talented, but look at the adorable ones made by other people!

SAM_2346     SAM_2371 SAM_2372     SAM_2347

Yes, we all still have clay in our fingernails.


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